Tuesday, 8 November 2011

moo wedding stationery

I found a great site today which specialises in business cards, stickers etc etc for businesses. However, they'd also be great for little thankyou notes or even as place settings- check out their stuff. They would even work fantastically as actual invitations! Probably MUCH cheaper than a normal stationer as you can get 100 mini cards for a tenner!

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hiring out a chateaux can be a MARVELLOUS idea for accommodating lots of people- some amazing venues to follow

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Preston Bailey

And whilst I'm on the topic of wedding flowers... here's a sneak peek of Preston Bailey.

Daniel Ost...again

I'm not finished...
 Fireworks made from millions of flowers
A LAKE covered in rose petals
A catwalk backdrop made from hundreds of pink and white roses...
And those amazing garland things hanging between the tables.

Daniel Ost


they're actual trees of flowers... and there are hundreds of them

because you can't have a wedding blog without it

Monday, 24 October 2011


I found this picture on a blog years ago, it was before I'd even heard of bloody Twilight. I love the light and the colours- these are exactly the kind of photos I'd love for my wedding.

The Best Cover-Up

Actual Princess

If you've got the figure...

A wedding stolen from SMP

I just stole this off Stylemepretty.com, I don't care- it's way too amazing to not be shared.

It's the matching bridesmaids' coats and groomsmen's hats

Awesome, vintage 50s style wedding dresses

How amazing are these? Short, prom-style 50s wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular and I think they're just AWESOME
These are by Candy Anthony- I remember seeing an article sometime back where the editor of Wedding Magazine got married in a crimson Candy Anthony dress- I think it's genuine perfection.